IN BLOOM - Mobile Preset Pack
Elysian before
Novatrient before
Novatrient after
Ephipany after copxy
Ephipany after copy
sea and fields maybe before
Elysian After
yugen before
Yugen After
Orenda after
hygge after copy
hygge after
sea and fields before
sea and fields after
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IN BLOOM - Mobile Preset Pack

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This vivid filter pack will make your nature pictures bloom to life with luscious greens and pretty pinks.

It all started during my trip to the South of France when the lavender fields were in full bloom and a wave of positivity and joy rushed through me. Moments like these evoke feelings of growth, positivity, curiosity, and tranquillity. There’s never a dull moment when travelling I thought…until I opened the camera roll of my phone and all those beautiful nature shots turned out to be lifeless and well…dull. Where was all the positivity and joy why was it not captured? I was bummed so I decided to challenge myself to bring out the beauty of our planet in every picture by honing in on the emotions we feel, watching nature in bloom.

 What will these filters do?

This preset pack is the outcome of my work. A collection of filters that is as vast and powerful as nature itself while the same time gentle and ingenious. With just a few clicks, remove the fuss of editing a nature photo because all you need to do is apply the filter with a click of a button and watch your pictures come to life.

With every purchase, you'll receive:

  • 10 beautiful Lightroom Mobile filters that make your nature pictures bloom
  • A detailed installation guide to help you install and use the presets
  • Premium support - I respond to all your support queries within 24hrs
  • Bonus content - I'll be sending you emails on how to get more out of your presets
  • 7-day satisfaction guarantee - Let me know if you’re unsatisfied and we’ll find a solution, otherwise you’ll get your money back
If you have any other questions regarding this product, please visit our FAQ.

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