5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Mykonos During Off-Season

If you feel like you're missing out because it seems like every second person on your feed is in Mykonos right now, don't fret! Although there is never a wrong time to visit the island, I’m in favour of visiting the island during the off season in early May or late September and October. The island goes from being a pumping party town to a sleepy village in which it's seaside charm truly shines. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Mykonos in the low season:

1. Wander Through a Quiet Mykonos Town

Walking through Mykonos town is like solving a maze you never wish to finish. With its narrow paths and beautiful architectural details, it's a town that truly shines when there are fewer visitors. You'll feel like you can really take it slow and appreciate all the charming corners of the town with all the blue and turquoise doors, framed by flowers and vines which just so conveniently creates a postcard-ready photo opportunity for your next Instagram post. Even better, you'll experience no queues for the most photo-worthy spots!

2. Hotels and Travel Services Are up to 40% Cheaper!

Food, accommodation, flights, ferry services and pretty much everything on the island are significantly cheaper during the less busy months. Hotels and restaurant prices drop on average by 30-40%. A $500 hotel room we were looking at in July was only $300 in October. This is something to consider if you're on a budget or backpacking.

3. You'll Always Have a Spot on the Beach

Mykonos is well-known for offering a myriad of beaches for all your salt-watery needs. The beaches can get mighty crowded in the summer with very slim chances of snagging a beach chair.  In low-season, almost every beach - Ornos beach, Psarrou, Paradise Beach - you name it, are more relaxed with fewer tourists and more vacant seating. This leaves plenty of space for creative feet-in-the-sand holiday snaps without having to strategically angle the camera to hide your fellow sunbathers behind your toes. Despite cooler temperatures, it still gets pretty hot in the sun so you'll definitely still be able to work on that tan!

4. You'll Get a Front Row Seat to Watch the Sunset at the Famous 180º Sunset Bar

The 180º Sunset Bar is an institution on Mykonos Island and gets understandably full in the summer months. The bar sits high above the town with panoramic views stretching from the iconic windmills over to Mykonos town and the ocean. The sunset from the bar is one of the most magnificent ones we've experienced yet. The show is musically enhanced by exceptional DJs on the deck playing Ethereal and Ambien tunes, creating a kindred atmosphere as the sun dips below the horizon. In low season, the venue turns into more than just a bar, it becomes a truly inspiring place to spend your night.

5. It's Easier to Meet Locals

For me, the very best part about the low season is how easily it is to meet locals! We found that locals that interacting with locals is much easier when business operations are less busy. During our visit in October last year, we were able to connect with so many local business owners. We were even lucky enough to meet a lovely family that invited us for dinner with them in their home. Local experiences like these are always the highlight of our travels!

Final Thoughts

Partygoers may be disappointed by the transformation that happens on the island as the tourist season slows down. However, the low season opens the door for ultimate relaxation and discovery for the leisure-focused traveller. Mykonos is always a good idea but there is just something so special about this popular Greek Island during it's sleepier moments!

What are your favourite places to visit for a calm and relaxing vacation?