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New to Presets

What are presets?

I’ve never used Lightroom before, can I still use your presets?

Will every preset work on any photo?

Can I use my phone to edit or do I need a laptop?


When do I receive the presets?


Can they be bought from anywhere in the world?

What payment methods are available?

Product Details

How many presets are there?

For which app will the presets be released?

Which phones can use the Lightroom app?

Can I use your preset for desktop Lightroom?

Will presets work on any skin colour?

After Purchase Questions

How do I install your presets?

I’m struggling to install the filters, can you help me?

I purchased your preset but didn’t receive an order confirmation email. Whats up?

When I click on the download link, it opens a blank page in the browser which says ‘website name’ without starting a download. Can you help?

I’m using Chrome on my iPhone and the download looks different from what you show in the installation guide, why?

Why does my Lightroom CC app doesn’t have the ‘Save Preset’ option?

The presets don’t work as expected, what can I do?